Designing A Life You Love


Barbara George is one of today’s most successful and highly sought private coaches. Her clients are diverse and international – from private to public personalities, from entrepreneurs to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Barbara’s first mentor was Dr. Catherine Ponder, author of the best-selling, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity and the world’s most prolific author on the subject.

With Dr. Ponder’s principles as a solid foundation, Barbara expanded her studies to include psychology, sociology, ontology, theology and physics, and soon began to see how these philosophies and sciences supported formulas which could easily unlock an individual’s ability to access greater personal power and acumen in dealing with others, and provide these individuals an extraordinary ability to attract those circumstances, people, and things sought most passionately in their lives.

“Achieving the trappings of a successful life is just the beginning”, says Barbara, who has served many clients in setting their goals and realizing their dreams. She has even bigger things in mind for the future. Barbara believes that once more people understand and apply these formulas and principles and achieve individual success, many will naturally turn their attention to expressing generosity towards others in their own lives, and indeed, in the world.

Soon Barbara George’s book, Blueprints for Bliss ~ Designing A Life You Love, will be available to help guide you through the critical steps in realizing your highest and best life!

Designing happy, successful relationships.

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Pronunciation: prä-’sper-&-te: the condition of being successful or thriving; especially: economic well-being

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What if the ONLY thing you should DO and BE is YOU?

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Scarcity vs. Prosperity


Dinner for 2?

Kisses Dinner for two?